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Monday - Friday
Lunch: from 12:00pm
Monday - Saturday
Dinner: from 6:00pm


+61 3 9662 1811

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Restaurant MENU

Great care is taken when sourcing our produce and each time we marry the old with the new, our kitchen preserves the integrity of these ingredients while remaining true to tradition.

Food for us has a significant connection to the past but also shapes our future.  It’s the dinner table where families and friends come together and create those special memories that last a lifetime.

We invite you to experience Grossi Florentino ‘La cucina Italiana.



This menu is designed to give you a taste of several dishes from the menu, and to enjoy a truly amazing dining experience.

6 courses $160

Wine pairing $90, premium wine pairing $150

Additionally, you may choose to further discuss with our staff additional courses that can complement your existing menu.




Our ‘Veloce’ Menu is 2 courses $65 per person for Lunch Only

At Grossi Florentino Upstairs, it is understood that at times our clients have a limited time for lunch. We also understand that you would like to enjoy the same pleasures that extended dining allows.

This is why we have created ‘Veloce’. The meaning of ‘Veloce’ is to be swift, speedy, and fast.

Not compromising quality, our swift ‘Veloce’ is a two course tasting menu available for lunch from Monday through to Friday. This gives you the opportunity to choose any two courses from our a la carte menu and bottomless mineral water. This menu is enjoyed with additional interim courses and our bespoke service in a timely fashion.